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    Why choosing Rome and the Lazio region as a destination wedding?2019-02-07T17:22:25+01:00

    The Lazio region, and particularly the city of Rome, are famous for their backgrounds’ variety and eclecticity: these features make them the perfect place where to seal one’s special day in a memorable way. The landscape and its artistic richness, the history and millennial culture, take the spectator to an “eternal” dimension. The high number of churches from various historical periods, from the Roman era to the Baroque one, from gothic to Renaissance, add value to the city of Rome; while the assortment of traditional taverns, famous restaurants, artisanal patisseries, international cuisines, eco-friendly agritourism, give the city a leading role in the gastronomic and food design area, adding value to good taste and aesthetics. Furthermore, the nearby international airports of Roma-Fiumicino and Roma-Ciampino make it the most comfortable choice from a logistical point of view. The city of Rome is famous all around the world: the beauty of the surrounding country, the sea, the villages deserve that same success. In the end, choosing Rome and the Lazio region as destination wedding will make its guests live an unforgettable experience, while giving the newlyweds a dreamy honey moon.

    What’s the best time of the year to get married in Rome and in the Lazio region?2018-06-19T18:26:17+02:00

    The mild climate makes this place accessible all year round. The choice will be made accordingly to one’s needs and preferences, so some seasons will result more captivating than others; during the summer is easier to enjoy some specific conditions and services, in the event one should desire a beach or outdoor wedding; while during the winter the particular and fascinating atmosphere, also due to the Christmas holidays, allows special arrangements which give a touch of magic to period villas and palaces. The month of October, with its mild climate, is also very famous: sunny days and cool evenings, framed by gorgeous colours and breath-taking sunsets.


    Why rely on Pacifico Wedding Planner?2018-06-19T18:26:07+02:00

    Every couple desires for its wedding to be perfect, and this is an ambition that often causes stress and anxiety. Pacifico wedding planner’s experience guides the couple’s creativity and imagination toward the realization of this dream, relieving them from the burden of organizing it. It attentively selects its suppliers to give its clients the best professionals in the field. Particularly, for some aspects, the wedding planner is really a valuable helper, as in the case of the handling of civil and religious practices for which distance can prove to be an obstacle. Communication and coordination are essential to achieve an optimal result: choosing the Pacific wedding planner ensures a direct language connection, a real point of reference for the newlyweds.

    What kind of expertise does the Pacifico Wedding Planner offer?2018-06-19T18:20:56+02:00

    Pacifico Wedding Planner has extensive experience both in Italy and on an international level, working on the organisation of corporate events in cities like Rome, London, and New York. Undoubtedly, being in contact with other cultures helps in the development of interpersonal skills and widens the cultural background: as a result, the imagination receives multiple and continuous stimuli, continuously looking for innovation and welcoming solutions from a variety of sources. To plan an ideal event, PWP implements winning choices by observing parameters of logistic efficiency, coordination, and rational organisation of priorities. With our excellent multitasking and problem-solving skills, we take a leading role both in the organisation of weddings and of corporate events. If you choose PWP, you will be guaranteed cutting-edge skills and expertise, with an eye for details and aesthetics – aspects that are essential and highly relevant for a successful event.

    Which kind of dialogue to establish with Pacifico Wedding Planner?2018-06-19T18:21:03+02:00

    Pacifico Wedding Planner aims to create an empathic relationship with the newlyweds, based on sharing a special and professional moment. Because of this, it is important to tell one’s story, and to openly describe possible doubts in order to find suitable alternatives and being directed toward the best possible solution; to express one’s desires to make the most of the wedding planner’s professionalism, but most of all, to avoid unforeseen circumstances which may be difficult to manage, especially regarding bureaucratic issues.

    Will the Wedding Planner be present on the wedding day?2019-02-07T17:23:23+01:00

    Absolutely. Besides assisting the newlyweds during preparations, the wedding planner will be there on the special day, taking care of it from start to finish. To ensure its success and enjoyment by the newlyweds and their guests, her coordinating activity and problem solving will be crucial: the newlyweds will be able to enjoy their special day without worries, leaving all tasks to the wedding planner, just like a guardian angel.

    The services offered by the Pacifico Wedding Planner include pre-packaged packs to choose from, or are based on total customization?2018-06-19T18:28:30+02:00

    Personalisation is a cornerstone of Pacifico Wedding Planner’s strategy: there are no pre-packaged deals because every request is unique, every wedding is inimitable. After establishing the budget, in order for the wedding planner to come up with the perfect solution, it is necessary to listen to the needs of the couple, their style indications, and their desires. You can also rely on the help of a wedding planner only in certain organisational aspects – for example, when you require legal assistance.

    What are the legally valid forms of marriage abroad?2018-06-19T18:31:06+02:00

    A civil marriage carried out according to the laws of the Italian legal system, upon presentation of the necessary documentation, before a civil registry official, is valid for all intents and purposes in your country of origin. In the same way, a Catholic marriage can have legal validity, without the need of a civil ceremony, in accordance with the rules of marriage provided by the concordat. The waiting time to obtain a religious marriage certificate for civil use to be presented in your country is approximately one month. In this case,you can entrust the wedding planner with the duty of collecting the certificate and sending it over. A symbolic marriage does not create obligations of any kind in Italy or elsewhere.

    Is it important to know the budget?2018-06-19T18:29:52+02:00

    It is important and imperative that the wedding planner is informed about the budget’s entity, in order to better orientate the newlyweds’ choices and achieve the solution suiting them best. The wedding planner’s experience will also help the couple evaluate if the budget is realistic. To set a budget allows to carefully plan the event, to choose the most adequate venues and to avoid repair fees. To fix a starting budget keeps the newlyweds from unexpected expenses that could seriously obstacle the realization of what has been agreed upon during the event’s planning.

    Is the agreement stipulated with Pacifico Wedding Planner or the vendors?2018-06-19T18:32:14+02:00

    The agreement will be concluded by the couple with Pacifico wedding planner; the latter will take care of the payment to the suppliers. There could be cases where the structure chosen for the reception (venue) may ask to directly conclude the agreement with the couple: in these cases, the wedding planner will act as a mediator, and will assist the couple explaining them its contents.

    What is the cost of the service Pacifico Wedding Planner provides?2018-06-19T18:31:52+02:00

    The total amount is based on the complexity of the organization realized starting from the newlyweds’ choices. It may vary depending on the selected suppliers, the number of services employed, the number of guests. Deciding on a starting budget will let the wedding planner lead the newlyweds to realistic choices. The final price is intended as all inclusive (including VAT), with no hidden costs. The detailed price will be clearly specified in the agreement, in accordance with the transparency principle.

    What are the payment methods and eventual hidden costs?2018-06-19T18:31:01+02:00

    Some expenses may escape the couple’s attention. To avoid then mining a serene organization, some information about hidden costs are explained: depending on the service, VAT may vary from a minimum of 10% to a maximum of 22%. This shouldn’t worry the couple, as the single service price includes VAT. However, it is suggested to enquire in advance to calculate any price increases resulting from international bank transfers: for example, a PayPal transfer implies a fee up to 5,2% on the total sum, while the TransferWise platform is cheaper. It is also necessary to predict the cost of SIAE, the copyright tax due in Italy, whose amount depends on various parameters. With the wedding planner’s help you’ll be able to calculate the final price beforehand, taking it into account during the planning phase.

    Should I fill a form?2018-06-19T18:23:11+02:00

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