Monasteries in Lazio, to rediscover the mysticism of the wedding ceremony

Many spouses want to celebrate their wedding day with a special atmosphere. They want a place which identifies their intent, which represents the sacredness of the moment, sealing a memory that will remain forever: the moment of yes. Monasteries and abbeys of Lazio are places of deep sharing with their simplicity, increasingly required by who wants an authentic and refined marriage.

Monasteries and abbeys, with their essential stone architecture surrounded by nature, reveal the power of belief. A continuum with nature, a world of silence and prayer that opens up to the joy of marriage. Places full of meaning where time seems slower and highlights every moment.

Rediscovering this authentic dimension attracts many couples, who wish to share the sacredness of the moment with joy and refinement: simplicity is the archetype of elegance.

Lazio region has many places of worship scattered throughout the territory, ancient architectural wonders of great value and historical and cultural value. Treasure chests immersed in idyllic landscapes, Pacifico Wedding Planner will suggest all monasteries, abbeys and sanctuaries where to celebrate the ceremony.

Monasteries and abbeys of Lazio, the places of peace for your wedding.

Not only Rome and its wonders, Lazio reveals evocative locations in the peace of its nature, where you can breathe the discreet industriousness of its monks. Places of prayer and reflection, worlds apart from the chaos of modern life, perfect for couples who want a religious marriage.

The Abbey of Farfa is located in the province of Rieti, inhabited by Benedictine monks since the end of the 10th century. A unique place where the work of man and of nature merge in an uncontaminated valley between lavender fields and olive trees, where the river water is heard a short distance away. The wedding ceremonies are officiated in the amazing Latin cross church with an austere facade, an architectural linearity that contrasts with an interior in Baroque style, with marble columns and round arches.

The Abbey of Fossanova, in the province of Latina, is the first example of Gothic-Cistercian architecture in Italy. Thanks to this prestigious record, it was declared a national monument in 1874. The wedding ceremony is celebrated in the marvelous Church of Santa Maria, which has an imposing architecture, severe in its lines and rich in details.

The Monastery of Santa Scolastica is located a few kilometers from Subiaco, in the province of Rome. This place of prayer and contemplation, at about 500 meters above sea level, stands parallel to the valley with a beautiful Romanesque bell tower and the three cloisters: one in “flamboyant” Gothic style, one Renaissance and the third dating back to 1200, a splendid example of Cosmatesque architecture.

The Abbey of Casamari, in the province of Frosinone, is a jewel of Cistercian Gothic architecture dating back to 1203, in the heart of Ciociaria. “If someone, at that time, had come to Casamari, he could have admired a place revered as the Paradise and the monks, similar to a choir of angels, shining in mortal bodies … It was this monastery column of the Verolana church, honor of the people, foundation of every good, comparable for elegance to the features of the sky”.

This says the Ancient Verolana Chronicle. The foundation of the abbey of Casamari dates back to the dawn of the 2nd millennium BC by some ecclesiastics from Veroli. It was consecrated by Pope Honorius III in 1217 and, despite numerous restorations, its structure has remained almost unchanged over time. A perfect treasure chest for who is looking for a place of faith, to share joy, in the simplicity of every moment.

Faith and spirituality. Furthermore, the abbeys of Lazio also reveal locations for who needs a civil ceremony: the Abbey of San Pastore, in the province of Rieti, is a former Cistercian monastery used today as a location for weddings and events. Ideal for a wedding with numerous guests, thanks to the large spaces available. A location that offers different solutions, depending on the season: in winter the ceremony can be set up inside the deconsecrated abbey church, while during summer the wedding can be held outdoors in an idyllic setting.