Parco delle nazioni

In front of the Presidential Estate of Castelporziano, on the Via Pontina, only 5 Km from the elegant residential quarter of the Eur and just a few steps from the center of Rome, is the Grand Resort Parco delle Nazioni-Borgo di Torre Guidaccia, completely immersed in the green of the Natural Reserve of Vasili – Regional Park of Decima.

The exclusive estate of the Village of Torre Guidaccia, located on a thousand tuffy cliffs, was formerly a military citadel under the guidance of the Roman pro-consul Caio Mario (103 BC), it eventually becoming a home to the Guidaccia in the 11thc entury, a Floretine family of counts.
Over the centuries, the rock has hosted several settlements, whose traces are visible in the remains of the wall made by the opus reticulatum technique, both in the ancient watch tower dating back to the 5th century AD and the buildings built during the 11th century by the Guidaccia.

The fortress, today the private residence of the Sovereign Military Order Ambassador of Malta, although recently restored, retains the austerity and classical refinement of a medieval village that blends with the tranquility of the untouched natural surrounding of this historic home.
The Parco delle Nazioni, due to the charm of the old mansion and the historical charm of the finds of pre-Romanesque and Roman times, has been the background for a variety of movies and advertisements.

The elegance of the outdoor spaces is enriched by the presence of tall trees, groves of holm oak, oak trees, elderberries, maritime pines and the refinement and uniqueness of the interior spaces make the Parco delle Nazioni Resort a lovely location.
The complex extends over an area of ​​over 5 hectares and is ready to host ceremonies with up to 500 guests.
Inside, guests are welcomed into large living rooms restored with original historic materials and decorated with antique pieces. The striking galleries and arches, the iconic sixteenth-century fireplaces, recreate a one of kind atmosphere in a perfect classical and medieval style suitable for up to 135 people.
The lush and wide botanical gardens, the impressive views of the inner woodland park, the large area around the pool, cater to banquets with up to 250 guests.
The estate also offers the opportunity to celebrate the non-Catholic symbolic or religious ritual on site: there is in fact a chapel inside the garden ready to be set up on request.