Hotel and banquet booking

Arranging accommodation and managing bookings for the couple about to get married and their guests could be easier than you think. In fact, many locations in Rome or in the surrounding area (castles, farmhouses, villas, historical residences) provide accommodation of various types, an exceptionally functional option that should definitely be considered. Pacifico Wedding Planner will take care of finding a convenient and comfortable solution according to your needs, in the location itself or nearby, providing a serene and relaxing experience. On the day of the event, it will coordinate each step, taking care of any hotel bookings independently. The city offers many alternatives to choose from, allowing you to reduce the travel to a minimum if you wish to stay in a place with a monumental and majestic background, that is different from the event location. If, when choosing the location, you want to completely immerse yourself in an idyllic landscape, the Roman countryside will provide a truly bucolic experience. And what occasion better than this one to suggest a short Roman holiday?


Music is essential to create the atmosphere, to capture the moments, to express feelings and it will accompany you throughout the event. The couple can enjoy choosing the musical genre, or genres, according to their taste, among academy musicians (organists, string quartets, harpists, etc…), classical music singers, modern chant singer, jazz or pop band, and can even submit precise requests if they want to play a specific song at a certain moment. Pacifico Wedding Planner will fulfil your every request, employing professionals able to engage with the participants without being too invasive, always matching the right music to each moment. According to the type of the rite, you might have to choose between different songs, especially in the cases of a religious Christian rite or a civil rite, while the symbolic rite leaves you with a significantly wider choice. The cost of the service depends on the music you choose, to which you must remember to add the compulsory SIAE fee (music royalty fee). Different alternatives will be considered, in order to harmonise the couple’s wishes with the chosen context.


The car in which the newlywed couple makes their entrance gives a first clue as to the style of the wedding. From a vintage car to a limousine, from a sedan to a carriage, whatever the choice, elegance and character are guaranteed. We will take care of car rental and its set-up to make sure you arrive in style. Some types of vehicles such as the Vespa, the Piaggio Ape 50, the Volkswagen Beetle, icons of style linked to a stereotypical image of Italy, are particularly suitable to create a scenic setting and to make an entrance in style. The chauffeur will take the couple to the location of the ceremony, to the places chosen for the photoshoot, and finally to the location where the party will take place. If necessary, we can provide transfer from the airport to the hotel for the guests, regardless of the way the hotel was booked. For optimal logistics, the timing of the movements is critical.

Photo and video

Using a high-quality photo and video service is of paramount importance to the newlyweds, since it will be the tool through which they can relive the important emotions of their life. Pacifico Wedding Planner works with trusted photographers, who are highly-skilled and able to capture intense, exalting, expressive moments, in a persuasive and, above all, non-intrusive way. Through their expert eye, they will freeze the images with the consistency of a painter, providing a detailed story of the big day. The result is guaranteed! Engaged couples and newlyweds will live this experience as directors and leading actors. They will decide on the style of the service, a more informal and relaxed one or with a lot of posing, the moments that should stand out, the background, and the soundtrack for the video. The offer is enriched with the option of taking a few shots during the days leading up to the wedding in the symbolic places of the city of Rome. We offer several itineraries to choose from, for a truly unforgettable walk among the beauties of the capital; an opportunity to relax and capture the final moments of the engagement, or maybe to remember an anniversary. The photographers will send the photographic material in digital format; on request it is possible to make simple printing or to create a photo book.


Every precious moment deserves to be celebrated in a unique way. And why not embellish it with the elegance of a flower? The floral decoration can be arranged in a personalised way, describing the event with your favourite flower, through the colour, the name, the meaning. To create the perfect decoration, we make use of the talent, experience, and keenness of our flower designers. Pacifico Wedding Planner is constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas and sophisticated materials, for a distinguished and refined event; you can choose glass vases, candle holders, ceremonial structures and much more, creating an elegant and unprecedented floral wedding. It will be possible to oversee the bouquet composition, a chic accessory for the bride, a souvenir for the lucky girl who will catch it when the bouquet is thrown, as well as the decoration of the church, the common hall and the frame arch for the symbolic ceremony. Also, flowers for the witnesses, bracelets, handbags, crowns for the bridesmaids, and any other detail requested by the couple.

Hair and make up

Grace and beauty characterise each bride. Specialised wedding hair and makeup professionals will be able to create dream hairstyles, a natural or an intense makeup, long-lasting and perfect for the photo shoot, making come true the idea that the bride has envisioned for so long; they will also get the bride ready for the exit, a moment often full of emotions. It is also possible to arrange a trial in the days leading up to the event. This could be a great opportunity to enjoy hand and face treatments and a relaxing massage, setting aside some time for a pleasant and refreshing moment. Pampering and attention will be directed not only at the bride, but also the bridesmaids and all those who wish to be prepared on site for a greater peace of mind, ensuring the complete dedication of the hair and makeup stylist. The appearance is of no less important to the groom and his guests, to whom we will offer an accurate and qualified service at professional salons.

Graphic design

Giving consistency to an event through a theme or a colour will be easier with the help of our graphic design team. Experience and expertise will emerge through the appearance and printing quality of invitations, tableau, menus, table marks, placeholders, cards, guest book, booklets for the religious ceremony, thank you cards, made according to the directions of the couple. Relying on the skills of a professional designer is essential for personalising the event: the paper, the font, the monograms, the images, shape a tailored style, thought and curated, which asserts itself throughout the event, transmitting consistency and style.

Cake Design

Last but not least, the wedding cake! The renowned Italian pastry will not fail to meet your expectations, enveloping the taste in a spectacular form. You can consider accompanying the cake by traditional Italian confectionery, including chocolates, Italian gelato, and small pastries. Any concept is achievable: from the round base to the square one, slender on three or four levels, decorated with crystals, flowers, and ribbons, through classic combinations, or the more experimental ones. With this cake, internationally known pastry chefs will give the couple an opportunity to add an original touch to the wedding. Inside a gazebo or on top of a bridge with lights and floral decorations, the cutting of the cake has become a spectacular moment, aesthetically defined in every detail


Rings, shoes, tiaras, combs, clasps, are just some of the accessories that the bride and groom might need to buy on arrival. It is the ideal opportunity to do some shopping in the capital, which will not let you go empty handed. If the bride and groom consider it easier, it is possible to rent their wedding dress in dedicated shops in the city: if so it would be advisable to reserve a few days for the trial and any changes that must be made.

City tour

Not taking advantage of this opportunity to spend a few days walking around the city would be a real shame! A lifetime would not be enough to get to know every corner of Rome, but thanks to our collaboration with the best tour operators, we will be able to suggest how to better use the available time and can arrange for the couple and their guests to visit the major points of interest, including the Colosseum, the Fori Imperiali, and the Galleria Borghese. Very special are the nocturnal visits to the Vatican Museums or St. Peter’s Basilica. The central location of the city within the Lazio region, allows those who don’t want to have any regrets to visit some really fascinating places: just a few kilometres away you can visit archaeological sites such as the ruins of Ostia Antica, or the necropolis of Cerenova, the lake Bracciano, with its characteristic castle, the lake Albano, which faces the former summer residence of the popes, the park of monsters in Bomarzo, and a significant number of medieval villages. In order to make entertainment even more tantalizing, it is possible to organize Italian cooking lessons of sweet and savoury foods, tasting of high-quality typical products, such as oil and wine, and to visit the places in which they are produced. According to your requirements, it will be possible to create personalised itineraries by hiring a private guide, who will provide a fascinating experience, immersed in the beauties of Rome’s history and leave lasting memories of visited places.

Sharing is a very used verb in the multimedia world, and with our work, we want to be part of this community. The Wed Site is a completely customisable temporary page, dedicated to the soon-to-be-married couple, in which they can enter information about the wedding, tell their love story, add a wedding list, and, most of all, share logistical information essential to the invited guests from all over the world, who will find out all of the details they need to know. On the Wed Site, the couple will be able to post at any time photos and descriptions of the progress of the organisation of the event, making their friends and family participate in the organisation process in real time. An opportunity to make the journey to the wedding day even more fun.

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It is often necessary, for a variety of reasons, to look for some specific things such as small kitchen appliances or first aid kits, or even services like laundry or fast fixings. PWP will efficiently guide each of these small needs toward the most appropriate and comfortable solutions, so you’ll be able to dedicate yourself to more pleasurable occupations.


How could you spend your time in the best possible way? PWP will be happy to inform you about activities and events in the city and the surrounding areas available during your stay. There’ll be no shortage of choices: concerts, festivals, exhibitions, fairs and so much more will leave no room for boredom. Between a show and an exhibition, PWP will also suggests you plenty of typical trattorias and exclusive restaurants where you’ll be able to taste the best of Italian cuisine.


To organize the transfer into Italy of the newlyweds and their guests is a task which can be trusted to the PWP. Free from the burden of flights reservation and the stress caused by a change in the train schedules, PWP will make sure that everybody gets to destination by carefully organizing the journey. Moreover, if one wishes to take advantage of the situation and visit Italy, PWP also offers its collaboration and competences to book flights, trains, ferries and cars. Venice, Florence, Naples, Ischia, which one of these beautiful places will be the next step of your Italian tour?