The Wedding Planner

Organizing a wedding is a matter of style, and more. The wedding planner is like a wizard of suggestions and realizes the magic of the most beautiful day with strategy: to crown your desires, an impeccable method and a lot of discipline are needed. A manager of dreams that perfectly combines his creative flair with the rational one, identifying priorities, calculating the timing and possibilities without ever losing sight of your fantasies.

It is easy to be amazed and involved in the poetry of the wedding, enchanted by flower petals and rain of rice. Every wedding is an exciting “live show” where the newlyweds are the absolute protagonists, the wedding planner knows it well, everything must be perfect.

As in the theater, the scene must be orchestrated even in the smallest detail thanks to scrupulous work and meticulous attention to detail. The director of your wedding has only one goal, the unique show that will remain forever in your heart.

Marriage implies a lot of organization, requiring a rational method that allows the ceremony to take place in time and according to the established details. A result that is obtained starting several months earlier, in some cases even with “short notice”.

This is the ability of the wedding planner, to combine the possibilities with the perfect ways and times, whatever story to tell. Marriage must follow a perfect schedule masterfully directed by this professional who establishes a relationship of trust and sharing with the spouses. A wedding is the triumph of ideas and creativity, of the couple’s ideas and attitudes, all received and shaped by the rational inspiration of the wedding planner.

But how does this job work and what are the priorities? It starts from the concrete possibilities, the wedding planner will write your story on the pages of a white book, be it a sheet or an encyclopedia.

The ability of this professional is to stimulate the imagination evoking your dreams without ever breaking away from reality: thinking about how the event could take place, listening to ideas, choosing the location and the theme, all to the extent of possibility. The evaluation of the budget is fundamental to plan the organization in detail and identify the priorities for the excellent performance of the ceremony and the peculiarities that the spouses wish to enhance.

The wedding planner quantifies the possibilities in an unexceptionable way but another aspect that must never be missing for the excellent success of a ceremony is to organize the timing perfectly.

Everything must be carefully calculated, the wedding day is just the last chapter of a story with a “Swiss” rhythm: appointments for rehearsals and paperwork, contacts with suppliers, travel and all necessary for organization must be coordinated as in a perfect choreography of joints. The wedding planner organizes the real appointments but also the virtual ones for the future spouses: appointments but also e-mails, calls and messages, all the communication necessary to organize and update the couple.

All with extreme discretion, the wedding planner, as the great artists, stages the show in the backstage feeding the dream, the sharing and the expectation with the protagonists, the spouses.

A calendar that plans the organization of a wedding is an all-round managerial activity. Identifying priorities and organizing bureaucratic management involves specific skills.

Not only that, the wedding planner must be able to manage the unforeseen and find alternative solutions in the event of unforeseen changes or mistakes. The job well done by a professional does not foresee any surprises, except those of a dream realized for the spouses and those for an exciting participation of the guests.

Relying on a wedding planner means enjoying only the most beautiful side of a wedding organization, eliminating stress and also the frustrating idea of not achieving everything at its best for the most beautiful day. The professional knows the sector and not only in terms of time, he knows how to move, making the most of your ideas.

Planning the ceremony with who knows the market and the latest trends ensures the most suitable choices and an amazing performance that will leave everyone spellbound. The wedding planner is a rational artist and knows how to combine flair and method. He is a practical and determined professional but at the same time capable of listening to and glimpsing the most hidden aspects of people, because he is familiar with desires and knows how to interpret them.