Immeasurable Rome, always novel, as mysterious as the sea, simply a great beauty.
This is the Capital according to Gabriele D’Annunzio.

Rome is Caput Mundi for culture, history, grandeur, architecture, radiance. A crossroads of cultures and ethnicities, which has survived the ages.
Rome is not your typical city. It is a large museum, a living room to be crossed on your tippy toes, said roman actor Alberto Sordi.The splendor and sublimity of the Urbe continue to seduce visitors from all over the world and you can almost hear the words of Orazio Flacco whisper in the breeze: You will never see anything larger than Rome.

What better city, then, if not Rome as a stage to declare your eternal love?
Rome, eclectic, marvelous, baroque, it is an agglomeration of strange and unknowable neighborhoods. Hidden throughout the city, in fact, are the many exclusive locations for you to discover, which will make your wedding unique and original.

The wedding banquet, a special moment to be shared with friends and relatives, requires special dedication. The location should mirror the personality and taste of the bride and groom, so all that is left is for you to choose the style and location tailor made for you, personalizing the environments and taking care of the details of the wedding reception. Rome the ancient and modern metropolis, with its versatile appeal, will witness your wedding whether you want a luxurious reception at Brancaccio Palace in the heart of the Rome , whether you prefer a country or boho chic wedding by the Bracciano lake. For a romantic ceremony, in the background of the uncontaminated nature ideal are the historic residence of Castello di Castelluccia in the park of Veio or the elegant resort Parco delle Nazioni. Just a short distance from Rome, the village of Longobard origins Fara Sabina and Civita di Bagnoregio, a village bordering the Umbria region, are perfect for an intimate wedding for two. Mysterious and silent are a suggestive and legendary resorts where it seems that time has stood still.

Casale Santa Brigida

Villa Clodia

Parco delle nazioni