Villa Clodia

On the outskirts of Rome, in the medieval city of Manziana, resides Villa Clodia, an ancient building set in the woods of Tuscia, just 6 kilometers from Lake Bracciano.
Built in the 16th century, it is named after the old Via Clodia, which crossed this very territory and can still be walked along in certain areas.
Four centuries of history are preserved in the stones and furnishings of Villa Clodia, which has seen over its lifetime a motley group of illustrious characters such Garibaldi, who sojourned here temporarily.

The villa looks down onto the territory of the ancient fortified village of Santa Pupa, whose territory was purchased in the 15th century by the Anguillara family. It was the Anguillara who built the Villa as a hunting lodge in the 17th century. Having become the property of a noble Roman family, the villa took on the character of the Liberty and Nuveau style enriched with floral decorations and ornaments, which was lost when in the 1960s the villa was sold and restructured with modern tone.
It is thanks to the Scanu family, which in the nineties started a long restoration process, completed in 2002, that the Villa has regained the ancient splendor and the Liberty style of old.

The frescoes of the rooms have been brought to light, the exterior decorated rooms and the bedrooms are furnished with antiques. This makes Villa Clodia an exclusive and evocative environment contributes to the strategic position: just 30 kilometers from Rome, immersed in nature, it overlooks a 360-degree view of Lake Bracciano and the Castle, on the Trajan Aqueduct and onto the forests.
The ideal place to organize events away from the clamour of the city, in a historic structure where you can enjoy the silence and lush nature that surrounds it and the medieval feeling emphasized by the neighboring villages.

The Villa has a large interior with modern taste, decorated with frescoes reminiscent of the Roman style. Ornamental statues enrich the hall. The closed lounge is small in size and it can accommodate 180 people.
The elegant and well-equipped outdoor area can be set up for an aperitif on the poolside or on the panoramic terrace overlooking Lake Bracciano. The seats are about 200.
Future spouses wishing to marry on the spot can celebrate a civil ceremony wedding on the terrace with floral decorations and various decorations. For those who opt for a religious rite, there is a delightful little chapel nearby.