Wedding list? Better travelling. Here what to do

Many couples are abandoning china dishware and waited tables for exotic destination and adventures. In a modern world, a contribution to a honeymoon fund for fun and adventure has replaced the crockpot and the toaster oven.

There is no longer a registry of gifts at your local superstore, increasingly, it is a contribution to a travel fund or a visit with the travel agent. A streamlined approach for an increasingly fast paced world.

Your honeymoon is the first step into married life. It is your first experience as man and wife, being abroad in a new environment will help to strengthen your relationship. Let a wedding planner organize your honeymoon according to your wishes and desires.

Like a wedding, planning a honeymoon is a challenging, stressful and above all time consuming endeavour. By letting a wedding planner handle all the details, all you need to do is enjoy and create memories.

Planning a honeymoon through a travel agent

A honeymoon is made up of many different facets. There are day trips, guided tours, couples massages, romantic dinners and a myriad of options according to your tastes. A wedding planner will be your personal guide in crafting your honeymoon experience.

The spouses should only think about what would be their dreamt destination and what they would love to do. If  wishing to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the Pacific for a total relax, or leaving for an adventure  in the jungle or trying to blend both of them to not only relax but also excitement.

Through your wedding registered travel agency, guests can make an open donation to contribute to your honeymoon or can pay for an aspect of it such as a dinner or guided tour.   

Just like a wedding registry with toasters and tea towels, this wedding registry for example, will instead contain a beach trip in Bora Bora or an excursion of the Ande Mountains.

The travel agency can create a website to streamline the process for your guests. Instead of having to make a cash withdrawal or a time consuming trip to the agency guests can make payment through the website at their leisure.

You will receive all messages and well-wishes left by guests and will be informed by the agency via texts or e-mail about any contributions made. Some agencies may request a deposit to get the process started.

How to plan a do-it yourself  wedding list

Some couples are well travelled and may enjoy independently planning their adventure. In this instance, a wedding planner will be a a valuable assest in aiding them to plan their dream getaway.

A honey moon requires time, effort and experience to help compare all different aspects and of travelling, from flights to accomodations. A wedding planner will help to streamline the process of planning your dream honeymoon.

With an self planned trip,  arrange a dedicated online account for all honeymoon contributions. The guests will recieve via text or email the honeymoon itenerary as well as bank account details to arrange payment.

Another option, is to create a website with all the details of your planned honeymoon. This is a fun way for friends and family to see what is planned and to tangibly see what they have contributed to. Guests can feel satisfaction in that they are not buying material items with a finite life, but contributing to memories for a lifetime.